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You realize this is a tiny bit humiliating?
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J-pad Portraits    RioCon 2012.

Original photo here.

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Tatiana: You can so easily get wrapped up in the awards and the accolades, or the critical response, or the criticism, or the praise, and lose sight of the fact that — you know, I’m an actor and my favourite thing in the world is acting. I don’t feel like myself when I’m not acting. So much of my identity is acting.

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4x01, Lazarus Rising
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s h e won’t be able to handle it

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"I feel like there’s a lot to talk about with Orphan Black, and it’s a unique experience that I’m so happy to talk about. I’m really proud of the show. Walking those red carpets, I’m not like, “I’m the shit.” But I know I did work, I worked my ass off for four months and I guess this is part of it now I’m going to walk across this carpet and say some stuff. I’m just happy to talk about acting and about the show.” (x)

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