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Harry Potter Meme: ♕ Six Spells, Magical Creatures, Potions and/or Objects

1/6 Hippogriffs
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My birthday is just around the corner so I thought I’d share the love with my first tumblr awards! Also thank you to everyone who follows me, do drop me a message if you ever want to talk or you have any issues or anything. I promise you I love each and every one of you and your message make my day! Without further ado, let’s get on with the categories, rules and all that jazz. (credits to Jo for the lovely banner)

  • Must be following me and my dear Roisin
  • Reblog this post (likes are considered bookmarks)
  • Must reach like 40 notes
  • Although my birthday’s on 28th July I won’t be able to close the awards then because of college so ends 3rd August
  • Winners announced latest 10th August
  • Each category will have a winner and one or two runner-ups
  • Face of Boe award - best icon
  • Chuck Shurley award - best url
  • 221B award - best theme
  • The Sexy award - best Doctor Who 
  • The Baby award - best Supernatural
  • Janus Cars award - best Sherlock
  • The Profound Bond award - best Destiel
  • Trenchcoats award - best multifandom
  • The Grace award - nicest blogger
  • The Angelic award - Roisin’s favourite
  • The Last Centurion award - best overall
Winners Get:
  • A follow back (if I don’t follow you)
  • A huge promo and promos anytime during august
  • All the cuddles and happy vibes I can send you
  • A spot on my blog (either on a new page or in my updates or somewhere)
  • A short fanfic of your choice, or just a story, up to you
Runner Ups Get:
  • A follow back (if I don’t follow you)
  • A huge promo
  • All the cuddles and happy vibes I can send you


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The Flannel Network

This is a network for Supernatural fans that love the Winchesters. A place where you could talk to other fans, gossip about the newest episode, and cry over the attractive men!

To Join!!
  • follow me
  • reblog this post; likes will only count as bookmarks!
  • complete this questionnaire; this is mandatory
  • have your ask/submit open!
  • track the tag #flannelnetwork
What I'm Looking For
  • a nice URL
  • a rad theme with a tagging system
  • quality posts
  • awesome and active blogger!! (this is #1)
  • multifandom blogs are more than welcome!
  • someone that loves the Winchesters
  • new friends!
  • share your work and ideas!
  • more followers
  • you’ll be in a really cool gang
  • all my love
If Accepted
  • you will receive a message from me filled with love
  • there will be a post announcing all new members
  • you’ll receive a place on the network page
  • you should track the network tag #flannelnetwork for updates from friends
  • please post an introduction on the network page
Other Information
  • I will pick 20-30 members by August 16, 2014
  • New members will be chosen randomly after the initial rush
  • any other questions, please message me!
  • this needs at least 20 notes or it never happened~
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Cards Against Dean Network



A network for those who love Supernatural and Cards Against Humanity

Dean isn’t exactly “humanity” anymore but we don’t talk about that


  • Please reblog this post
  • Optional: It would be cool if you followed me and the other admins

Looking For:

  • People who like to play cards against humanity (pretend you’re xyzzy)
  • Fans of supernatural
  • Friendly bloggers :)

What will we do?

  • Braid Sam’s hair
  • Play group games of cards against humanity
  • Talk and post about Supernatural
  • Become BFFs

Don’t worry there’s no deadline, and everyone will get in :)

Once you reblog this I’ll ask you for your email to invite you to join the network, then you’ll be added to the Network Page

Thank you!

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Started a multifandom network with precioushunters. Who wants to join? We’ll probably take almost everyone :)

See here: League of Villains

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I always channel my emotions into my work. That way, I don’t hurt anyone but myself.

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  Neville, Seamus, and Dean; Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire

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I’m a little self-conscious about my body. I love to wear hoodies because you can get cozy and eat some food and your belly doesn’t show!

~Every fairytale needs a good old fashioned villain.~

a network for those who love our villains as much as the heroes they antagonize!

Rules To Enter

What We’re Looking For

  • quality fandom blog
  • nice blogger!!
  • a villain lovin’ fiend 

Once You Get In

  • we will invite you to the blog and add you to the network page!
  • please link to the network on your blog
  • you must interact as often as you can
  • this means following idk at least five of us

What We’ll Do

  • become best friends nonnegotiable
  • help with ask games/promos/html/etc.
  • maybe exchange instagrams and have sleepovers who knows

there’s no deadline for this network so feel free to reblog whenever! we’ll choose the first people soon (in the next few days) and add more as we see fit

hop to it u lil criminals!

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imtoopetewentztobehappy asked: how about Michael but like John winchester's vessel Michael
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